• a) Films produced or released between January, 2016 - October , 2018 will be eligible to participate in the festival.
  • b) Entries for TV Series - Produced or released between January ,2015 - October 2018 will be eligible for the Festival.
  • c) Original language of production - Kiswahili, subtitled in Kiswahili or dubbed in Kiswahili.
  • d) Movies screened in the previously SZIFF festival are NOT eligible.
  • a) Films that are submitted must be the entrants' original work and shall not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of third parties.
  • b) Entrants shall be required to provide a copy of any of the following identification documents: driver's license, voter's registration card, national identification card or passport.
  • c) Minimum age limit for entrants is 18 years of age.
  • d) Participants agree that they have obtained all required permissions regarding music, sound and/or images presented in the film(s).
  • e) Any film found to be infringing upon copyright laws will be automatically disqualified.
  • f) Participants can send multiple entries. However, please submit separate forms for each film.
  • g) Films can be silent, with or without dialogs.
  • h) 'No objection certificate' is mandatory for the films, owned or managed by a 3rd party.
  • i) Azam TV has full rights to edit any contents, which it feels not appropriate for viewing.
  • j) The festival is managed by 'Uhai Productions Limited' on behalf of AzamPaytv Limited, Mauritius.
  • k) No work or artist will be either discriminated or favored by his or her country of origin, language, age, race, education, gender, ideology, or by their economic resources.
  • l) Selection of films will be done by a committee, whose decision will be final.
  • m) AzamTv' reserves the right to accept or reject any film due to any reason including that is likely to offend sentiments, feelings or sensibilities of any caste, community, religion, or that promotes sex, consumption of alcohol, racism etc.
  • n) Freight costs of any film should be borne by the participants. The Festival will not be responsible for flash drives, hard discs/contents lost or damaged in transit.
  • o) Screenings are scheduled by the directives of organizers, who reserve the right to make changes to the advertised schedule at any time for any reason.
  • p) The Festival reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or scheduling.
  • q) The festival has the right to work with any institution and partner festivals for all kind of cooperation, including joint events or promotions.
  • r) All filmmakers/submitter are expected to keep communications with the Festival professional and in good taste. Failure to do so may result in disqualification at any point in the adjudication process, including the nullification of Official Selection status or nominations. That stated, the Festival will only communicate with the person who submitted his/her film to the festival, and that Festival should not be expected to communicate with any other persons.
  • s) The Festival Management reserves the right to make changes in the profile of the Festival, if it becomes necessary to do so due to circumstances beyond its control;
  • t) Films will not be allowed to be withdrawn from SZIFF screening, once its selection/participation has been confirmed by the committee in the SZIFF Film Award Screening process
  • u) Fees: No fee payable. Entry is Free.
  • v) Azam TV shall hold rights to use the contents submitted for promoting the film or series. However, the duration of the clips will not be more than 3 minutes.
  • w) Country of production: Any
  • x) File format to be submitted: HD resolution, preferably in MP4, MOV format.
  • y) Accepted Genres: All.
  • z) SCREENING ON THE FILMS WILL BE DONE FROM THE 1ST JANUARY, 2019. However, screening schedule will be announced during the last week of December.
  • a) Completed & signed Entry form. Completed entry form should include:
    • Technical and artistic data, synopsis, photographs, press articles & bio-data of the director;
    • Please label submissions clearly with film title, contact name, mobile, duration, email address;
    • Publicity Materials: Permission for the Azam TV to use an excerpt from any accepted form, for promotional purposes, is considered granted unless otherwise noted;
    • All films submissions are non-returnable. HENCE, please do not send original materials.
  • b) Certified copy of the certificate of registration from the Film Board from the relevant authority of the country of origin.
  • c) Certified copy of a copyright clearance certificate from the relevant authority of the country of origin.
  • d) Word document that contains short synopsis (approx. 120 words).
  • e) The films or series MUST have trailers and cover photos.
  • f) Certificate of Incorporation from the relevant authority where the copyright holder is a company.
  • g) Registration certificate from the National Arts Council (BASATA) for art groups in Tanzania.
  • h) Flash drive containing the film, series or documentary.
  • i) Any additional publicity materials if available.

All films nominated by the jury and moves to the final screening stage will be paid honorarium fee of Tsh.100, 000/-. This payment will be paid to the Copyright holder of the Film nominated.

i. Awards:
  • a) SinemaZetu International Film Festival Awards – For Movies.
  • b) Azam International Drama Award - For Series.
ii. Award Jury:
  • a) A jury consisting of independent producers, filmmakers and others will shortlist 4 movies from each category.
  • b) Eminent personalities from the industry will form the jury panel.
  • c) To maintain transparency, Identity of all /few Jury members will be kept confidential.
  • d) Jury members will short list 4 movies from each category. ( for e.g. : there will be four nominees for the best film)
  • e) Awards will be declared on 23rd February, 2019
iii. The below Awards will be decided by the Public. Rules towards the same will be announced before the final screening.
  • a) Best Film
  • b) Best Actor
  • c) Best Actress
iv. Awards for all other categories will be decided by the Jury.
v. All award payments shall be subject to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) rules and regulations including applicable taxes, EFD receipts and valid invoice.
  • a) Application form, duly signed along with publicity materials (Trailer, cover photo, clips and Stills), flash drive or hard disc can be submitted to SZIFF designated collection centers, or can be sent directly to:
    Sophia Mgaza
    Event Coordinator,
    Uhai Productions Ltd,
    Plot 58/1 Mandela Road, Mabibo, Kinondoni,
    P.O Box 2517
    Dar es Salaam,
    Mobile: +255 755076474
  • (b) Incomplete forms will be rejected.
  • (c) Last date for receipt of application /Submission of Films/Series – 30th November 2018.
  • (d) To ease the registration/submission process, there will be collection points across Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Congo etc where entrants can register, fill-in the forms and can submit their films. Please contact our representatives.
1. Uganda Kalikwani Dennis +256772359209 Azam Media (U) Ltd Plot 19, Golf Course road Lower Kololo Terrace Kampala, Uganda. Kalikwani.dennis@azam-media.com.
2. Kenya Martin Abuya +254706810054 Azam Media Kenya Limited Mugumo House, Kabarnet Road Nairobi, Kenya. Martin.abuya@azam-media.com.
3. Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Kwizera Ibrahim +250 789434343; +257 79973402 Ibra10b@gmail.com.
  • • The organizers do have the rights to telecast 'Films/Series' registered for the competition through the below channels across the globe .Azam TV holds the rights to encrypt/decrypt the signal during the screening.
  • • SinemaZetu
  • • Azam Two
  • • UTV
  • • 'AZAM TV' Mobile App and web streaming.
  • a) During the festival season, organizers have the rights to screen the films at least five (5) times subject to availability of slots. This will give opportunity and encourage spectator voting.
  • b) Azam TV will enter into an agreement with film makers for their permission to screen their films on SinemaZetu and UTV channels from the date of declaration of the awards.
  • c) Entrants who are not willing to accept the terms and conditions contained herein will not be considered for the competition/award. Any such refusal must be communicated latest by 15th December 2018 prior to the release of the screening schedule.