Swahili Panorama

Sinema Zetu International Film Festival ( SZIFF ) is a competitive festival, where Feature Films, Drama Series, Documentaries & Short Films compete for SZIFF Awards, 2019.
The Film festival portrays both, World Cinema and Swahili Panorama to a wide range of film lovers and audience. The colorful Award Nite will be held on 23rd of February 2019.
Swahili Panorama' focus on SERIES, Short Films, Documentaries and Feature Films produced or fully dubbed in Swahili ;
Swahili is the largest officially spoken African language used in more than 10 African countries and is the only African ethnic language recognised officially by European Union and United Nations. It is used by several international broadcasting services like BBC, Voice of America, Voice of Germany, Radio China International, Radio Japan, Radio Russia and many others.
More than 200 million people widely and officially use it across East and Central African Countries. This clearly indicates that this language reach the masses.

Swahili ' panorama provides opportunity for filmmakers around the world to showcase their works to the largest possible audience through the most effective mode of communications - Television, Mobile and Web.
The festival offers a meeting and networking space for young, upcoming and experienced filmmakers to interact from every part of the world, where Swahili is a language for communication and social interaction. Through this festival, we shall reach the masses to ensure the widest participation of stakeholders, audiences and expose film producers to possible buyers and distributors and enhance the way the Swahili speaking population understands and appreciates the industry.
The 53 days Film festival is scheduled from 1st of January 2019. The Swahili panorma provides every film enthusiast, a platform to screen his or her movies through ' SinemaZetu', the flagship movie channel of AzamPayTv Limited.

Programme Schedule :

  • Last date for submission of films – 30th November, 2018
  • Festival start date – 1st January, 2019
  • Award Nite – 23rd February, 2019

Certificate of Excellence & Cash Awards

The competition categories include: Feature, Fiction, Documentary, Short/Animation. There will be Talent and Industry Awards, together with Special Jury Awards to nominated categories.
In acknowledgement of the role that films play in contemporary society, festivals bestow awards as a to filmmakers as a tribute to their creativity, innovation and commitment.